One of the players that represents the Ukrainian tennis country is Kostyuk


During the course of her participation in the Australian Open, Marta Kostyuk delivered a Grand Slam singles performance that was equivalent to the one she had previously accomplished. She said that tennis “doesn’t really matter” in the larger scheme of things while her nation was in the thick of the upheaval that was unfolding in Ukraine. She was referring to the situation in Ukraine then.

As a result of her victory against Elina Avanesyan of Russia earlier this year, the Ukrainian player, who is 21 years old, made it to the fourth round of a major competition for the second time. This was the second time that she had reached this round of the tournament. She had been successful both times.

There are ongoing conflicts being fought from both sides at this very minute. It was said by Kostyuk that there are still individuals who are dying away on a regularly occurring basis. This is something that he said would continue.

“My mother sends me video footage of the situation whenever there are missiles flying over their house,” I told them of this.

“My whole family is in Kyiv [Ukrainian capital] right now.”

On several occasions, Kostyuk has brought up the topic of the impact that the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the presence of Russian and Belarusian players on the tennis circuit have had on the sport. He has also brought up the effect that these factors have had on the sport. He has provided evidence to support his claim that these elements have had an impact on the sport.

Immediately after that, she on to declare, “I find it absolutely incredible that it is still going on as of right now.” Already, it is extremely near to two years from the beginning of this time period. Two years has already passed.

Since I have not yet arrived at that place, I am unable to comprehend what all of these players are doing in this particular zone. Due to the fact that I have not yet reached that position. My life has been filled with numerous aspects of my circumstances that have stayed the same over the duration of my existence.

Kostyuk did not shake hands with Avanesyan when she won the match, despite the fact that she had touched hands with every Russian and Belarusian player since the invasion since the beginning of the conflict.

This was a considerable departure from the circumstances that had existed before. The second time around, she did not act in a way that was in accordance with the recommendation that was made.

The two countries, on the other hand, were granted permission to compete at Wimbledon the following year, despite the fact that it was decided that they would not be permitted to do so in 2022. However, players from specific nations have been permitted to participate in other events while flying a neutral flag. This has been the case in some previous competitions. Several additional aspects of the competition have contributed to the realization of this possibility.

At a news conference that was filled with fury, Kostyuk again questioned the function of the media in Western countries. His statement was that there have been times when the war has been permitted to escape the attention of the media. Further, Kostyuk raised concerns about the function of the media in Western countries. In addition to this, he expressed his reservations over the role that the media plays in Western countries.

In particular, she said that “So they want the drama,” and that “They were looking for news.” They were hunting for information. She is the one who made both of these kinds of claims. It was their intention for there to be a significant amount of friction between the players and everything else that was included in the game that was not directly related to the players themselves.

To bring to everyone’s attention the fact that it is still going on and that it needs to be stopped, I am here to bring it to their attention. The reason I am here is because of this. My presence here is intended to act as a continual reminder to each and every one of you there.

According to the present state of affairs, the reality that I am now living in is that nothing is even close to being finished, despite the fact that everything is in the process of being done.

With respect to this conflict, we have never been in a position that is advantageous to us during the whole process. This is as a result of the fact that it is completely out of proportion and looks terrible.

Due to the fact that we have been in this scenario for the last two years, we have been functioning in a survival mode in order to ensure that we are able to continue working. There are a lot of individuals who are now experiencing feelings of despondency and exhaustion at this exact moment.

“I don’t feel like it’s stopping any time soon, and I don’t feel like anyone is doing anything about it.”

By a score of 6-0 and 6-0, she was beaten by Aryna Sabalenka of Belarus in a match that took place on Friday. The loss was a disappointment for her.

However, Sabalenka emerged triumphant in the tournament that took place on Friday. Kostyuk’s fellow countrywoman, Lesia Tsurenko, also participated in the competition.

On the basis of the assertions that Tsurenko has made, it would seem that whenever she writes about the dispute, she is confronted with “bad messages” on a number of different social media platforms everytime she does so.

She makes a valid assumption that she is aware of the fact that “people don’t want to talk about war,” which is something that she indicates. The very last thing that any person would ever want to hear in their lives is unpleasant news. It is the ultimate worst thing that could ever happen. It doesn’t matter what I post; whenever I write anything, people become irritated. This is true regardless of what I write.

“But it’s very tough to explain if you don’t feel what I feel and how other Ukrainians feel.”

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