The Real Madrid 3×2 Almería team is currently in action


The intense battle between Real Madrid and Almeria resulted in Real Madrid’s victory against Almeria, the team that now holds the worst place in La Liga. After falling down by two goals, Real Madrid was able to come back and win the match. In order to accomplish this victory, Jude Bellingham was the catalyst that drove the process.

At the Bernabeu, Largie Ramazani and Edgar Gonzalez scored goals, giving the away team, who had not yet won a game during their trip, a startling 2-0 lead. The away team had not yet won a game during their tour. During their voyage, the away team had not yet prevailed in any of their matches.

The penalty kick was successfully converted by Bellingham, an England midfielder, in the 57th minute of the regulation time. Vinicius Jr. scored a goal from a penalty kick ten minutes later, bringing the score to a tie between the two teams.

Bellingham was the one who finally scored the goal that determined the fate of the game. In the ninth minute of extra time, Bellingham headed the ball across the field for Dani Carvajal to score the goal that ultimately decided the outcome of the game.

There was a small period of time when Real was at the top of the standings as a result of the thrilling triumph; however, Girona reclaimed the top spot with a 5-1 victory against Sevilla, which was struggling, later on Sunday. With this win, Girona was able to reclaim their position at the top of the rankings.

An unexpected victory was achieved by the squad that was led by a striker from Ukraine named Artem Dovbyk, who scored a hat trick of three goals for the club. This upped his total to 14, which tied him with Bellingham for the most goals scored in La Liga. Bellingham was the one who had scored the most goals.

The incident was characterized as “we were robbed” by Gonzalo Melero, a midfielder for Almeria, in an interview with DAZN. Melero made this statement after the video assistance referee (VAR) made a number of rulings that went against his club. Melero was talking about Real’s victory as he was going through his speech.

He continued his statement by saying, “It hurts me to say it, but there’s no other way to take it,” before moving on to the next part of his expression. It is not the first time that this particular year has seen the occurrence of this particular event. The events that took place today were beyond any and all limitations; when one considers them, it is impossible to even fathom what may have taken place.

“Nothing more could have been done for them to win the game.”

Gonzalez, the player who scored the most goals, continued by saying, “This is a competition that ought to be fair for everyone, and sometimes it’s hard to see that.” Gonzalez was the player most responsible for scoring goals. Additionally, Gonzalez was the player that had the most goals scored.

A hat trick from Torres is one of the factors that adds to Barcelona’s spirited beginning to the game during the first half. There was a widespread belief that Betis Real would easily triumph against Almeria, a team that has only managed to accumulate one point away from their home stadium during the whole of the 2023-24 season. Betis Real was anticipated to emerge triumphant from the competition between the two teams.

However, in their most recent competition, which was a home match against Girona that ended in a 0-0 tie, the Andalusian squad astonished the side that was playing at home by scoring a goal. The goal was scored after just 38 seconds of play, which was a very short amount of time.

Kepa Arrizabalaga was taken aback by the lack of effort that Lucas Robertone put out, which occurred as a consequence of the smart build-up play that took place after they got possession of the ball. Ramazani, who was unmarked, was able to find his way into the goal thanks to Robertone’s skill.

Almeria’s lead was increased as a result of Gonzalez’s half-volley, which was executed with great skill and subsequently went past Kepa, who was standing on his feet. When this occurred, Kepa was standing on his own two feet. This occurred in the 43rd minute of the game that was being played.

Nevertheless, Real was given a controversial penalty when the visual assistance referee (VAR) determined that the ball had made touch with Kaiky’s arm. This meant that Real was granted the penalty. There was a great deal of debate with regard to this choice. The flip side of the coin is that it was subsequently found that Antonio Rudiger had not committed a foul in the sequence that led up to the penalty.

After sending Almeria goalkeeper Luis Maximiano the wrong way from the penalty spot, Bellingham earned his debut in La Liga at the beginning of the second season. This was Bellingham’s very first chance to be awarded a penalty kick. Through this goal, Bellingham was able to score their first goal in the league tournament.

After Ramazani’s cross, Sergio Arribas pushed the ball past Kepa, giving Almeria the impression that they had scored a third goal. However, the judgment was overturned by the visual assistance referee (VAR). It was Ramazani’s cross that served as the impetus for the goal.

Immediately after that, Vinicius Jr. scored another goal that was challenged, which tied the game. Due to the fact that the Brazilian player tried to assist the ball in with his arm, the goal was first disallowed due to handball.

On the other hand, the referee was able to examine it on the monitor that was located at the pitchside, and after evaluating it, he decided to reverse his first verdict.

As a consequence of receiving a second card for dissent, Gaizka Garitano, who was the manager of Almeria, was terminated from his position. The goal that eventually determined the outcome of the game was scored by Real Madrid in the ninth minute of injury time as the game was ending.

As a result of Bellingham’s ability to guide his header to the other side of the six-yard box, Carvajal was able to convert it from close range. Carvajal’s ability to steer it there allowed him to score. During the time that they were beginning their counterattack, Real fired a deep cross, which ultimately led to the development of this.

“I understand Almeria’s anger with the VAR decisions, but I think they were well judged,” said Carlo Ancelotti, the manager of Real Madrid. “I think [the decisions] were well understood.” “I think they were well judged.”

“The first half was terrible, and the game as a whole was somewhat peculiar.”A poor impression was left on me as a result of the training session that took place yesterday; it seemed as if the team had used all of their resources already.

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